What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the wisdom of life and longevity.

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Exploring Auyervedic Healing

Certainly not all people are the same, so why should health and well being be approached in a one size fits all manner? Let us introduce you to a deeply intimate and wonderful process of discovering your body.





Ayurveda Meal Prep – Healthy Eating for Spring Cleaning

A cooking class wIth Mary, Katelynn and Sean

Tired of the “what do I eat to feel good” dilemma???

On Saturday, May 12th from 1-3pm Katelynn will open her home kitchen for a very special afternoon Ayurvedic cooking class. In this intimate session, we’ll prepare (and of course eat!) a palete pleasing medicinal meal appropriate for the spring season.

You’ll leave with practical, easy food prep tips and techniques to get you started on a path to healthy eating.

Let thy medicine be thy food

Price: $25, includes a hearty Ayurvedic lunch

Location: 20 St. James Court, Philadelphia 19106

Register: Online here. 

Limited space!


Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Why seasonal cleanse?

For over five years, we have been leading guided seasonal cleanses. Join Mary and Katelynn for a modern approach to Ayurvedic detoxification.Ayurveda recommends we detoxify our bodies at the juncture of two seasons in order to remove built up ama, or toxic sludge, from the previous season.  Doing so keeps our bodies and minds ready for the upcoming seasonal elements.  The best time for a spring seasonal cleanse is March and April. After the harsh winter has passed and before the heat of the summer. We’re offering this program mid February through mid March.  You can start your week long cleanse whenever is convenient for you.  For more reading about the science of seasonal cleansing, check out this informational video.


What is included in your seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse?

We’ve got options for every budget and are ready to guide you in any way you desire.  It is a one week program, for which we provide all the ingredients – herbs, oils, food, instructions, schedule. You do the food and meal preparation in the comfort of your home. While it is best to rest and relax as much as possible during your week of detoxification, it is possible to work while doing the program.

Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit Only

Your Ayurvedic cleanse kit includes all the supplies you need for a do it yourself week of detoxification. We provide instructions and scheduling for your week of rejuvenation and renewal.  This is a great kickstart to your healing process. $75 purchase online here.

Fully Guided Cleanse Option

This is our favorite option. You’ll start your week off with an Ayurvedic consultation and we’ll customize your program together.  You’ll do the meal and herbal preparation, but we’ll be by your side every step of the way via text messages and daily coaching calls.  This package includes the cleanse kit plus a detoxifying full body Ayurvedic spa treatment. $330 purchase online here.

Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit + Treatment 

Want the do it yourself option, but also want to treat yourself to the Ayurvedic spa treatment? Then this is your package.  Basically this option gives you a discount on the kit and the spa treatment, as a package deal. $225 purchase online here

Complete Customized Option

Beginning with a consultation with one of our certified Ayurvedic practitioners, together we’ll decide which treatments, herbs, and meal plan will work to meet your detoxification goals.

Pricing of this option varies. Please email halfmoonayurveda@gmail.com to start the conversation.

Please email Katelynn & Mary at halfmoonayurveda@gmail.com after your purchase so we can arrange for pickup of your kit and scheduling of your treatment and consults. We look forward to serving you this season!  We are also standing by to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Holiday Eating Survival Guide

Ayurveda teaches us that our Agni (metabolism, or digestion) is everything, and that one who has perfect Agni will have perfect health.  We celebrate the holidays with family and friends with elaborate meals and parties.  This year, instead of bringing in the new year with extra pounds and guilt from over indulgence, remember the teachings of Ayurveda with these very simple tips and practices.  Make your Agni bulletproof.  Before your holiday party or dinner, keep these simple things in mind:

  • During the day before a large meal or holiday party, Kapha types can fast.  Vata and Pitta types should take simple foods like kitcharee or rice with steamed vegetables and ghee.
  • Sip warm water throughout the day to kindle the digestive fire in preparation.
  • Avoid the snack table. Instead of munching on hors d’oeuvres and cheese and crackers, opt for a full meal.  Th
    is may seem counter intuitive, but nibbling bombards digestion and doesn’t leave room for the fire to burn.  Make a full plate.  Eat it. Then mingle!
  • 30 minutes before you eat, drink 8 ounces of water.  Eat your MEAL (not snacks). Wait a full hour before taking more liquids or water. Again, we are trying to kindle the fire so that digestion can happen.  Excessive liquids taken after a meal will extinguish the fire.
  • Avoid iced or carbonated drinks.  Opt instead for a glass of wine.
  • This one might be over ambitious, but give it a try: exercise or do yoga in the morning! There’s no better way to kindle Agni.
  • If you’re the cook, be sure to use plenty of metabolism kindling spices like cumin, coriander, fennel and ginger. Avoid snacking while cooking.
  • I decided to save the best news for last. Eat your sweets first. Salad last. It’s the nature of the chemical digestion process. Think of a fire. If we throw kindling on it (lettuce, or a salad), it will flicker and soon die. If we put a nice log on the fire, it will burn for hours and hours.

Oh, and have fun. May you be present and full of grace during the holiday season and always!

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