According to Ayurveda, relationship with the self is the way to perfect health. When one perfects relationship with their community, their families, and their friends, one is more inclined to have a balanced relationship with the self. Half Moon Ayurveda currently does community outreach programs in the Philadelphia area offering free yoga classes, vegEtarian food distribution and wellness education programs.



I came to Half Moon Ayurveda looking for an all natural treatment for sleep, anxiety and weight gain due to hormonal changes. I had considered seeing my family doctor for help, but after sitting down with Katelynn and talking about what’s going on we made some diet and lifestyle changes that include herbs, self massages and breathing exercises. In just a few weeks I was sleeping so much better, my anxiety had completely disappeared and I started seeing changes in my weight. It’s been so wonderful to find an all natural alternative for all the hormonal changes I was going though. Thank you Katelynn for all of you help.


I discovered Ayurveda because Katelynn works out of the yoga studio where I was a student. My husband and I were having difficulty trying to conceive. We tried everything (even very costly treatments) and finally I scheduled an appointment just out of curiosity. We made simple but effective changes in my diet and daily routines. Within a few months of lifestyle changes under Katelynn’s guidance, we were pregnant! My beautiful daughter is now almost one year old. Yoga and Ayurveda changed my body, my life, and I am certain that it helped in the ease of delivery and pregnancy of Ada.