Every Thursday Evening Beginning October 8th : Communal Style Acupuncture

Acupuncture in a communal at Bikram Philadelphia setting coming in October!

Did you know that acupuncture was illegal in the 1970’s??? That’s around the time when Miriam Lee, a senior acupuncturist and apparent outlaw developed a sequence designed for universal healing. You can imagine, at a time when integrative medicine was illegal, conventional medicine was failing….Miriam’s work was in high demand and she needed efficient methods to work with the high volume of patients. It was, in fact, her patients that stormed a California courthouse after her arrest, beginning the journey of complimentary and alternative medicine as a respected and EFFECTIVE practice widely used today. Talk about radical medicine. Miriam probably had no idea that her work would pave the way for acupuncturists like our very own in house Dan Tague to work on several patients at one time.


We at Half Moon Ayurveda and Integrative Health strive to make well being through complimentary medicine accessible and affordable to all.  We’re committed. Acupuncture in this type of setting involves 4-8 patients at a time receiving treatment in one space. It’s perfect if you’re curious about acupuncture! We hope to see you there!

commnity_1Thursday evenings 5-8 beginning October 7th

$25 per person


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