Retreat vs. Vacation

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Our yoga room at Peace Retreat, where the jungle symphony will serenade you through every asana.

Did you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation?

I went on my first yoga retreat as a “research trip.”  I love to travel. I love yoga. How can I combine the two…oh, right, a yoga retreat!  So I  spent one week in Tulum Mexico making connections with people I now consider dear friends, eating delicious fresh prepared meals in an idyllic beach front setting.  I was convinced that not only is this the best way to vacation, but I also wanted to share it with my own yoga community.  And our first Hot Yoga Ayurvedic retreat was born.  We’ve since journeyed Tulum, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Mount Hood Oregon, Outer Banks, North Carolina, and now we’re heading to Costa Rica.


Ayurvedic meals will be provided twice per day. So you can feel good, fuel your yoga practice, and focus on you and the rest and relaxation you need.


Make yoga adventure memories with us!

Think about the activities that make up the usual vacation.  Excessive exposure to sun, traveling in cars or planes, over eating, drinking, and planning. No wonder you didn’t relax on vacation…you didn’t even have timeC

Now think about a retreat.  Your meals are all healthy, tasty, Ayurvedically balanced, and prepared for you at regular mealtimes. There are yoga, Ayurvedic workshops, meditation, and pranayama classes all day long, which you may or may not attend.  The environment is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing with no shortage of salty fresh air and sea.  There will be on site discounted massage therapists and body workers at your service offering high quality therapies.  The company is like minded…we are all here to relax, do yoga and be well.

Consider taking a yoga retreat instead of a vacation.  You’ll return to your daily life truly energized, rejuvenated, and ready to start from scratch all over again. This time, let us do the planning for your vacation.  Our next yoga and Ayurveda retreat adventure takes place in Costa Rica, at Peace Retreat, located in the town of Playa Negra, along the stunning Pacific Gold Coast in the Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, near Tamarindo.



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