Ayurvedic Consultations

Your Ayurvedic consultation is a one on one session with one of our  certified practitioners of Ayurveda.  After a detailed health history interview and physical examination including tongue and pulse assessment, we'll work together to determine your personal Ayurvedic constitution. Together, you and your Ayurvedic practitioner will design a personalized lifestyle plan to meet your health goals.
Your plan may incorporate any or all of the following ::

● dietary recommendations
● herbs
● yoga
● pranayama
● daily routine
● counseling
● daily check in calls or text messages

Start with a consultation, and we'll find your path together.

Schedule an Appointment

Don't see an appointment time that works for you? Call, text, or email any of the practitioners directly.  They're  waiting to hear from you!

Mary - 410-598-8804

Suzanne - zannelangayurveda@gmail.com.

Katelynn - 610-462-1352

If you schedule an appointment with Katelynn, please fill out this online health history form by clicking the link below.

Health History Form